Saturday, November 10, 2007

Launch Party

Here's our new blog, just to let you know what's new in the store, what people are knitting, any new events we're hosting....whatever springs to my little mind. Please bookmark this page for updates.

What people are knitting:

The Shawl (capital t; capital s): We started with Connie Delaney's Wraparound Shawl pattern. Bless her heart, she gets all the credit for designing this shawl, and you should absolutely buy her pattern. The thing is... it's more of a recipe than a pattern, and advanced beginner knitters (who have all the skills for making this shawl) have been reduced to tears and anxiety and existential angst. We've just about gotten it written up as an actual pattern, thanks to Kristin, which should make knitting this beautiful shawl more available to newer knitters.

People are knitting this beauty with Catalina's alpaca, with Patons Decor, with cone yarn, and with Brown Sheep sport weight -and that's just lately. Come on in; you'll find something that catches your fancy.

What's new in the store:

Self-striping worsted weight yarn, Wisdom Yarns Inspire. It's all the fun of the self-striping sock yarns in a worsted weight. I'm in the process of knitting up a store sample. Well, truth be told, I'm in the process of thinking about knitting up a store sample.... It will happen.

Ball winders. These make beautiful Christmas gifts for knitters. Advise your family members of this ;)

What's happening at the store:

Christmas Lock-In: We did this last year and had loads of fun. On Saturday, December 8, we'll close the store at 6:00 as usual. Anyone who wants to stay can stay as long as we want (in principle until midnight, but we didn't make it that long last year). We'll finish our Christmas knitting or fall asleep trying! There will be pizza and something to drink and music and fun conversation -and all the free knitting help you need.

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