Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pass the Knitting On

Our dear friend Joan (see the pictures below) has for a while now had an after-school knitting group at the elementary school where she's the librarian. The group is a study in entropy and art, I sometimes think. Amidst what (only seems to be) the chaos, the kids and a few grown-ups learn to knit, make pot holders, felted bags, hats, and whatever else strikes their fancy.

Most of the children can afford to purchase yarn and needles, but some can not. And, like all knitters, all of the children can consume yarn faster than they can purchase it! So Joan gratefully accepts donations for her club. We're extablishing a donation box here at the store where you can leave any needle or yarn donations you'd like to leave for the children. For now, the box is next to the lending library cupboard, but that could change.

Remember that these are children and total beginners. We should probably set them up for success ;) So worsted weight yarn is the best choice in this case. We'll just have to figure out something else to do with our leftover fingering yarn. I'm sure there's something.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Knit Night Pictures

We all forgot cameras. DUH! But Elizabeth was able to take pictures with her phone. Because of the comparatively low pixel-count, we all look like something out of a Seurat painting ;) That's really how we look. We're just cool that way!

Kristin, Lisa, Penny, Joan, and Carolyn (What are they all looking at? Was someone dancing on the table?)

Carolyn and Joan

Carolyn organizes yarn for us, for which we are abjectly grateful!

Joan and Jo-Anne -That's Joan's third or fourth rendition of The Shawl (capital T; Capital S -it's a big deal!)

Joan, Jo-Anne, and Kris

Kristin, Lisa, and Penny

Lori and Jess -Jess works here and is a sock-maker extraordinaire

Andrea and Lori. You can see better if you wear your glasses, Andrea!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Sock Hop

In January, we're starting a Ribbed Sock Knit-a-long. If you've never ever made a sock before, this is your chance. It doesn't get easier than a ribbed sock, and I promise to be there for you when the process stops making sense. (At the heel turn, in case you were wondering!) If you've made socks forever, make any ribbed sock that you like -ribbed lace, ribbed cables, whatever.... This is your opportunity to shine.

The "due date" for the newly birthed socks will be Saturday, January 26th. Bring your socks in. We'll label them as yours and display them on the "sock clothesline". You can, of course, reclaim your socks whenever you like, or even choose not to display them. But we're a pretty supportive crowd; displaying your new sock could have some rewards ;) And if it's your very first sock ever, we'll feature you and your sock on this blog.

Come in at any point to choose yarn and needles. We'll have a free pattern for you, or we'll help you choose an appropriate one from our books, magazines and on-line resources. Help with your knitting is available any time the store is open. Help and companionship and moral support are particularly available on Fridays and Saturdays.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Customers with Blogs

OK, so there's not a lot to say on the store blog. Go knit something, poppets! I'll post a picture. In the meantime, I know there are several customers and staff members with quasi-knitting blogs. Here are the ones I know about.

Elizabeth: Flying Wombat
Kristen: Craft Leftovers
Jess: Jess works here, but doesn't have a blog. Really, girlfriend, take care of this ;)
Andrea: A Small Group of Thoughtful, Committed Citizens
Heather: Yarn Liberation Front
Kathy: Get Your Hook On
Anna: Stuck in Illinois

There's a podcast about Kristin's blog at Craft Sanity.

There, that should keep us all occupied for a while. But if you have a knitting blog and I didn't know about it, feel free to tell me. I'll keep this post updated, or add new ones as I ...feel like it.