Thursday, December 20, 2007

Knit Night Pictures

We all forgot cameras. DUH! But Elizabeth was able to take pictures with her phone. Because of the comparatively low pixel-count, we all look like something out of a Seurat painting ;) That's really how we look. We're just cool that way!

Kristin, Lisa, Penny, Joan, and Carolyn (What are they all looking at? Was someone dancing on the table?)

Carolyn and Joan

Carolyn organizes yarn for us, for which we are abjectly grateful!

Joan and Jo-Anne -That's Joan's third or fourth rendition of The Shawl (capital T; Capital S -it's a big deal!)

Joan, Jo-Anne, and Kris

Kristin, Lisa, and Penny

Lori and Jess -Jess works here and is a sock-maker extraordinaire

Andrea and Lori. You can see better if you wear your glasses, Andrea!

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