Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pass the Knitting On

Our dear friend Joan (see the pictures below) has for a while now had an after-school knitting group at the elementary school where she's the librarian. The group is a study in entropy and art, I sometimes think. Amidst what (only seems to be) the chaos, the kids and a few grown-ups learn to knit, make pot holders, felted bags, hats, and whatever else strikes their fancy.

Most of the children can afford to purchase yarn and needles, but some can not. And, like all knitters, all of the children can consume yarn faster than they can purchase it! So Joan gratefully accepts donations for her club. We're extablishing a donation box here at the store where you can leave any needle or yarn donations you'd like to leave for the children. For now, the box is next to the lending library cupboard, but that could change.

Remember that these are children and total beginners. We should probably set them up for success ;) So worsted weight yarn is the best choice in this case. We'll just have to figure out something else to do with our leftover fingering yarn. I'm sure there's something.

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Elizabeth said...

That's a great idea. I have just the yarn to contribute. I have just posted about my collaborative wedding banner, if you would like to read it here